Environmental Management Division


To provide the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall community with exceptional environmental leadership and support, including the tools necessary to become the Army's model installation for sustainable environmental stewardship, integrating the principles of the Environmental Management System when accomplishing all missions and operations--


To be the benchmark for Environmental Management within the Installation Management Command--


The Army Strategy for the Environment: Sustain the Mission, Secure the Future has charged its installations to broaden its approach to environmental management by moving beyond day to day compliance obligations to also incorporate future needs. The JBM-HH Environmental Management Division has taken this charge in stride and is committed to being an environmental steward of our natural and cultural resources while at the same time ensuring the Soldiers of today - and the Soldiers of the future - have the air, land, and water resources needed to train; a healthy environment in which to live; and the support of local communities and the American people.

                              Location/Mailing Address:                                 Hours of Operation:

                             Environmental Management                          Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
                             Fax: 703-696-2185
                                       Phone: 703-696-8055/1205
                             111 Stewart Rd                                              Fax: 703-696-2185 
                             Building 321
                             Fort Myer, VA 22211-5050

The JBM-HH Environmental Management Division can be grouped into four major management areas:

                                    •Conservation                        •Pollution Prevention

                                    •Compliance                           •Restoration

All Environmental Programs are continuously monitored through the Environmental Management System (EMS) for process improvements; laws, regulations and executive orders update compliance and conformance to International Standard Organization 14001 and Army Regulation 200-1.

JBM-HH Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan