Directorate of Human Resources

Bldg. 203, JBM-HH

(703) 696-5779

Casualty Assistance (24/7)
Building 202, Fort Myer

ID Cards

Building 202, Fort Myer (***Appointments Only)

Retirement Services Office
Building 202, Fort Myer
Fax 703-696-1455

Army Voting Assistance Officer
Building 202, Fort Myer

(Bldg.202, Fort Myer)
(703) 696-0296

Army Substance Abuse Program
(Bldg. 230, Fort Myer)
(703) 696-3787/3901/3900

Education Division
(Bldg.417, Rm. 112, Fort Myer)
(703) 696-3070/1588/1541/1579

Multi-Use Learning Environment
(Bldg.417, Rm. 112, Fort Myer)
(703) 696-0198

Testing Office
(Bldg.417, Rm. 116, Fort Myer)
(703) 696-9173

Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program
232 McNair Road
Building 404
Fort Myer, VA 22211
(703) 696-2635/0973/8334

Military Personnel Division (MPD)
232 McNair Road
Building 202
Fort Myer, VA 22211
(703) 696-0343


***To make an appointment online, please visit Rapids Appointment Scheduler Available appointment dates are annotated in green on the site. Customers merely select the available date and appointment time, input a few details, and click "submit." This system will allow customers to lock in an appointment online instead of walking in to the office in hopes of an available time slot. Those who are unable to access the website can still call the DEERS/ID card section to make an appointment at 703-696-3030.