Plans, Analysis and Integration Office

Fort Myer, Virginia


The Plans, Analysis, Integration Office (PAIO) serves as the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Commander's focal point for the installation. The core mission of the PAIO is to provide strategic planning, performance management, process management and improvement, and program integration/execution support across all Directorates and installation support staffs through the Planning Integration Branch and Management Analysis Branch.


Telephone Numbers:

Hours of Operations: MON-FRI 0730-1630

                      Strategic Planning Programs                                 Management Programs

                     - Garrison Strategic Plan                             - Installation Status Reporting (ISR)
                     - Standard Garrison Organization (SGO)
       - Common Levels of Support (CLS) and
                     - Installation Planning Board (IPB)                 Service Support Programs (SSP)
                                                                                      - Performance Management Review (PMR)
                                                                                      - Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
                                                                                      - Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)
                                                                                      - Army Suggestion Program (ASP)
                                                                                      - Army Performance Improvement Criteria
                                                                                        Organizational Self Assessment APIC/OSA)
                                                                                      - Army Community Of Excellence (ACOE)


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