Headquarters and Headquarters Company U.S. Army Garrison

Mission Statement: Provide command and control, timely, effective, and accurate personnel support to all Soldiers assigned and attached to the agencies within the Military District of Washington, while simultaneously managing vital training, deployable statistics, and battalion/garrison personnel vacancies.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, United States Army Garrison, was formed as a support company to the Garrison Commander and staff. In 1971, the company added the additional mission of supporting MDW. On June 1, 1992, the company was realigned under the command and control of Headquarters Command Battalion. Since 1992, the company has transformed into one of the largest companies in the Army with over 1,400 assigned and attached Soldiers serving in more than 14 Department of Defense and Department of the Army units and subunits within the National Capital Region and around the world. The company provides the necessary leadership, command and control, administrative and logistical support, Uniform Code of Military Justice chain-of-command authority, and training for its Soldiers. The company is officially an Installation Management Command asset and wears the IMCOM patch.

CPT Shawn Pierce
Commander HHC USAG
MSG Robert Hawkins

HHC USAG Agencies

Phone numbers

        Admin:           703-696-8166
       Operations:   703-696-3622
        Supply:           703-696-3650