Headquarters Company U.S. Army

"Loyalty, Leadership, Strength, Support; the valiant Hero:

Mission Statement: Provide command and control, administrative and logistical support, disciplinary actions, Uniform Code of Military Justice and training to more than 6,000 Soldiers assigned and attached throughout the Military District of Washington and the National Capital Region.

On March 13, 1922, General of the Armies of the United States, John J. Pershing, approved the formation of Headquarters Company, District of Washington. The command experienced numerous transformations until it was finally designated as Headquarters Company, U.S. Army September 18, 1964.

Headquarters Company, United States Army, Fort Myer, Va., was established by Headquarters, Military District of Washington (MDW) May 10, 1955. Headquarters Company’s mission since conception has been to provide the necessary command, administration, training, logistical support, troop housing, and the dining facilities for the enlisted personnel on duty with, or attached to the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, or MDW and to provide logistical support to other authorized personnel.

Many of the agencies that fall under Headquarters Company USA reside in the Pentagon. Headquarters Company is located on Sheridan Avenue, Bldg. 417 on the Fort Myer portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.

CPT Bradley M. Wilcox
Commander HQ CO USA
1SG Isaac A. Bray

HQ CO USA Agencies

Phone numbers

        Admin:           703-696-8168
       Operations:   703-696-3045
       Supply:          703-696-1497
       1SG:               703-696-8735