To be the preferred single source provider of high-quality, cost-effective information management and information technology for ALL customers.

The NEC manages information resources and information technology (IT) for the garrison staff and supported partners. Areas of responsibility include communication systems and systems support, computers, automation, information assurance, and multi-functional self-service copier management.

The NEC is staffed by dedicated IT professionals whose Mission is to work for the success of customers we serve (such as the Garrison Headquarters, Joint Forces Headquarters/US Army Military District of Washington (JFHQ/MDW), National Defense University, and Inter-American Defense College). The NEC provides cost-effective, responsive and secure IT products, solutions, and services in an ever transforming environment. Our staff members are driven by a common vision that ensures we do whatever we can to better serve our customers, and ultimately the soldiers we support.


Monday - Friday
7:30 - 4:00 (Closed weekends and holidays)


101 Bloxon Road, Suite 219
Fort Myer, VA 22211-1238

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       Service Provider List

(703) 696-7018
Chief, Business & Plans Division
(703) 696-3876
Chief, IT Systems Support Division
(703) 696-3742
Business Management
(703) 696-3876
IT Plans, Architecture, Services & Operations
(703) 696-4594 or 696-7088
Customer Service
(703) 696-3742 or 696-3876
Copier Management
(703) 696-4594
Network Engineer
(703) 696-5026
Data Communications/Operations
(703) 696-4371
Desktop Support
(703) 696-7012
Server Administration
(703) 696-0399
Telephone Control Officer
(703) 696-4371
Information Assurance
(703) 696-0602
Army Enterprise Service Desk(AESD)
Facsimile (Bldg 205)
(703) 696-3259

Communications:  Cable infrastructure; telephone equipment and services; voice mail; fax services; wireless communications
(cell phones/blackberries); networks, video teleconference services; radio systems and equipment; radio frequencies.

Automation:    Web support; email; file/print server; PC desktop software and support; local area network (NEC server); Internet Service Provider (ISP); voice and data services; hardware and software management, PC purchases/upgrades; copier equipment and management

Information Assurance   Information and information systems security and monitoring; PC security – user accounts/long-ins; passwords; network security; vulnerabilities analysis and assessments; anti-virus software and scans; safeguarding data; accreditation documentation; PC security user training.