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Pre-Arrival Support:

Military HOMEFRONT,  ,  is the official Department of Defense Web site for official Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) information, policies and guidance designed to help troops and their Families. 
Military INSTALLATIONS,, available through Military HOMEFRONT, provides comprehensive information about our installation and the surrounding community. 

Being prepared for a move is just as important as learning about a new location.  Plan My Move is a program available through either of the above noted sites.  This program allows users to create a customizable calendar based on the current location, destination and departure date.  The calendar provides a comprehensive set of tasks that need to be completed in preparation for a move. Behind each task are pages of general information, information specific to the new location, or a combination of both.  An enhanced calendar is available to users who identify that they have a Family member with special needs.  Issues specific to Family members with special needs are denoted on the calendar by a special needs icon.  The customizable calendar can be found at

Army Community Service Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) is also available to provide support and answer any additional questions you may have.  An electronic welcome packet is also available by contacting our office at: 703-696-0156 or 1-800-477-9571 or

Arrival Support:

All military personnel assigned to the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard (TOG) should report to the Regimental Headquarters located at 201 Jackson Avenue, Bldg 242.  Telephone numbers are: 703-696-3003/3004/3005.
Soldiers assigned to TOG and arriving after duty hours may be placed in the Barracks overflow, if space permits.  However, if a Soldier arrives with Family members, they should obtain a list of local hotels from the Staff Duty Officer or the front desk at the Directorate of Emergency Services, Bldg 415 Sheridan Ave. 
Personnel assigned to Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison should coordinate their arrival with the Battalion S-1 prior to arrival.  The S-1 can be contacted by calling 703-696-8174/8875/3660. 
Personnel arriving after duty hours, with no prior arrangements, should report to the Directorate of Emergency Services, Bldg 415 on Sheridan Ave to obtain a list of lodging options.


All newly assigned Soldiers to the National Capital Region must in-process Military Personnel and Finance at JBM-HH.  In-processing is conducted each morning (Mon-Fri, excluding Federal holidays) from 0800-1100 in Bldg 230 on Forrest Circle.  All Soldiers assigned to the installation must also attend the “Start Right” Newcomer’s Orientation which is conducted every Thursday. 

Documents (if applicable) to bring with you include:

DA Form 31 (Leave form) signed by unit in block 16

PCS Orders and Amendments

Copy of Duty Memo from Agency

Any and all receipts for travel, to include any weight tickets

Enlisted Record Brief or Officer Record Brief

Most recent NCOER/OER/AER

Medical and Dental records

HS and College Diploma

DA Form 4187, signed (for separate rations and approving Home Town Recruiting)

Driver’s license, Vehicle registration and proof of insurance

DD Form 788

Termination/Assignment of Quarters

Training Records

Government Credit Card

Family Care Plan


Vehicle Registration:

Installation registration for vehicles is no longer required for JBM-HH.  Drivers with a DoD-issued ID card will be authorized to enter and will not be required to undergo a search.  However, all privately owned vehicles entering the installation must be licensed, registered, inspected, and insured IAW state and local laws. 





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