Important Documents


   You will need most of the following documents when applying for various benefits or settling an estate. Keep them in a safe place so that next of kin will be able to find them when necessary.
   When it's time to use the documents, be sure to make certified copies and keep the original or permanent, personal or family record; certified copies have all the legal status of the original document.   
   In your safekeeping, you should have:
a. A birth certificate for each family member
b. Death certificates - Civilian death certificates can be purchased through the funeral home. We recommend that you have at least five certified copies. DD Form 1300 Report of Casualty will be issued by the Army for all active duty deaths.
c. Marriage certificates and divorce papers
d. Immigration and naturalization papers
e. Adoption and custody documents
f. Most current DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
g. Social Security Number/Card for all family members
h. Wills, Deeds of Trust
i. Insurance policies (life, home, car, boat, etc.)
j. Income tax records for the last three years
k. Copies of deeds, abstracts, mortgages, rental contracts, etc.
l. Documents referring to bank accounts, loans, securities, stocks, bonds, etc.
m. References to safe deposit boxes
n. Any reference to an outstanding debt
o. Titles, automobile registrations

Casualty Assistance Checklist

      (To be completed by retirees and spouses and kept in your files for your survivors to use.)

   Retiree Information


    Social Security Number:

    Date of Birth:

    Date of Retirement:

    Retired Grade/Rank:

    Enrolled in:  (circle all that apply)




    VA Claim #:

    Eligible to draw VA disability compensation (even if not currently in receipt):


              No (circle one)

              If yes, age at which first received:

    Organ donor:


              No (circle one)

  • Is there a living will?

       Spouse Information


    Date of Birth:


       Marriage Information

    Date of Marriage:

    Place of Marriage:

      Children Information



    Birth date:

    Incapable of self-support:

      Insurance Policies

    Policy #:

    Company Amount(include "as of date"):


    Agent Phone Number:

      Bank Accounts

    Bank Name:

    Phone #:

    Type of Account amount (include "as of date"):

    Account # (checking or savings):


    Name and address:

    Account #:

    Balance Due (include "as of date") Life Insurance?



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